Concurrent with ongoing combat and stability operations is the need for reconstruction of critical infrastructure and rebuilding of social institutions in the war torn regions of the World. The prime contractors for LOGPAC IV and other various contracting vehicles are turning to regionally based subcontractors to fulfill many of the requirements in hostile environments. Innovative Logistics has established a network of highly qualified and regionally based subcontractors that can provide material supply and professional services in support of the current requirements in Afghanistan and other challenging environments. Our internal security capability allows us to avoid the high cost of Private Military and Security Companies. This represents a significant savings which is passed on to our clients.

We can move quickly to execute prime and subcontracting projects under a DCAA approved accounting system that is in full compliance with the Cost Accounting Standard of the Federal Acquisition Regulation. Please see The Services section below for an outline of our network’s global capabilities.

Material Supply:

Foods and Sundries
Construction Material
Fuel Products
Transportation (Sea, Land, or Air):


Infrastructure Design
WI-FI Networks
WIMAX Networks
VOIP Capabilities and Networks
Satellite Communications
Computer/Information Technology
(in accordance with US export controls)
Engineering Design/Construction

Architectural Plans
Security and Threat Audits
Material Consultation and Delivery
Contracting and Background Investigation
Professional Services:

Operations and Management
Business Development
Press/Media Consulting

Highly Secured Storage
Fulfillment and Shipping Services